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Shadow - 05 / 21 / 03

an old rambling thing.. I plan on posting a lot of these.


I have been silenced
by simplistic discretion,
and left to filter
or to inhibit
the light that passes through..

Is she the sun
or the light from your work-desk?
Does she show to you her glory
through the night,
and burn the nearest to her in the day?
She is shining and blinding
and I am entitled now
to all that she leaves behind..

I do my best to
make you more
than what you appear to be
in her illumination..
I have stretched from below
and reached beyond my
natural means,
to reflect your towering facade
within myself..

You have questioned my intentions,
wordlessly, you have wondered..
Nothing is so simple as we'd
make it seem to be...
But the truth is blunt,
and so to pierce
the surface of comprehension..
I must scar and disfigure
the perfection of constraints
that I have come to adore.

Without the knowledge of
my animus,
you blindly tread upon
the meaning of my heart..
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