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Hot for Teacher

You ever had a crush on a teacher? Like one to the point where you just wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck him right there? I have had a lot of lustful crushes on teachers. The high school I went to was pretty relaxed. We called all our teachers by their first names and things like that. And after we graduated, many of us stayed in touch with our teachers. Well I got a message on myspace tonight from one of the teachers I had a crush on. He was one of those really young, ultra muscular types, really cute and sexy. Well apparently this teacher now has the hots for me. Which now that I am 21, there really is no problem with that considering he didn't try anything with me or say anything like this till tonight. But I mean damn. Like it makes me wonder how many of my teacher crushes would like me if we met up now? Kinda wish I was in Alaska right now.
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