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old flames...

I recently started talking to an ex of mine again. This morning I was very horny after having watch two seasons of the L Word. I got him on cam and began to talk to him about all the wicked things I used to do to him. As the whole conversation began to get deeper we switched roles as I had him handcuff himself to his bed and listen to me talk about nibbling his ears and biting his neck. Slowly I let him have one had to jack himself off. I talked about how I would rub the head of his dick on my clit and pussy getting it wet but never putting it inside me. I let him beg me to cum. Repeatedly I told him no, while I fingered myself. I talked of slowly riding him, all the while I was getting myself closer and closer to cumming. I talked about the hair pulling rough sex I wanted to have with him, about the way I want to be on all fours while he pounded me from behind and then yanking my body upwards towards him by my hair as I came all over myself. It wasn't until I was actually done cumming that I let him cum. I made him cum on himself and then slowly clean it all off...

There is nothing better than starting off your morning with an old flame and some wild fun on webcam! (That is when distance makes it impossible to have actual sex.)
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