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First post...or something like that.

I don't know why in the hell I'm doing this,but I'm doing it all the same.
Please don't kill me. (You know who you are.)

1. ...You greet me with a warm smile and a big hug.
We sit and talk about things that happened in our lives.
A song comes on and you get up to dance.
Being a little shy and also not trying to stare, I gaze upon your silhouette.
Swaying your luscious hips to the beat, I sip on my drink and just stare at your shadow.
Wishing I had the testicular fortitude to just move those certain muscles to turn my head back and just look at you.
Wishing that I could hold your body close to me as we lose ourselves in the thing that we both love the most.
We go outside to talk; we talk about various subjects- school,life,music, thuggin.
I sadly take you home, wishing that I could follow you inside and just...

2. Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
It's been 22 years since my last confession.
I've been secretly lusting for a certain redheaded vixen.
She came into the church, looking beautiful and glamorous...
She unknowingly enticed me with those creamy, smooth legs.
My eyes played tug-of-war-trying to concentrate on the preacher and staring at her smooth, wonderful legs...
Oh, how I would give anything to have the treasure that lies between them.
Her smile, her infectious laugh, her beautiful eyes...
God, please forgive me.
I want to just grab her,bend her over across the pew,take off her panties and take her right there...*sighs*
But alas, my fantasies are just that.

3.Tension, Release. Tension, Release.
This is what music is supposed to do. It is supposed to gradually rise up to a breaking point, and crash down in a wave of blissful harmony.
Running my fingers through your hair, as red as fire...
Kissing your tender sweet lips, gods, they're so soft...
Goosebumps arises as my hands roam across your back...
Fingers gently circling your nipples, quickly growing hard to the touch...
Removing each article of clothing; slowly savoring every inch of skin that's revealed...
Softly biting and licking the hollow of your neck...
These are the some of the many, many thoughts that I secretly have of you when we are together. Every second that we are together, my Tension builds and builds.
I eagerly await the day when you will allow myself to Release.

And those are just some of my perverse thoughts. Now I run off to the comfort of work, so I won't have to think about the hell that will be unleashed when I get back.
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