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My crush, my lust

So there's this guy I see every day at college and there is no way I could ever talk to him but every time I see him I imagine this


Your lips graze mine hesitantly at first and your fuzz tickles my cheeks. But then you respond to my passion and your kisses become more passionate. You kiss down my neck so lightly that I shiver. Your long hair tickles my nipples as you kiss my cleavage. You pull away and we lock gazes. No words are said—none need to be. My pussy is wet and hot. It overwhelms me with want, need, desire. No words are spoken you know what I need as you pull off my pants. You pause taking in my camouflage panties. You smile. I push myself up and struggle with the button on his fly. I finally undo them and they dropped to the floor. You kick out of them. You fall to my hips and kiss my belly-button before grabbing my panties with your teeth and ripping them off. Air covers my naked body making me realize I’m naked. You pull your boxers off and climb on top of me. I kiss you lips and clutch your back afraid. You look into my eyes and see that fear but you also see something else—great desire. You kiss my lips biting my lower lip as you plunge into me slowly yet passionately. I gasp at all the feelings—joy, pain, pleasure, love, lust—I do not even try to separate them. My body raises to meet your thrusts, I breath in your long hair which tickles my body, your kisses tickle with your goatee fuzz, I never want to stop yet I know there is more coming. You let out a moan and I realize I’ve been moaning the entire time. You become more frenetic thrusting faster, harder trying to break me apart; bust me open with your desire. I feel myself peek over a ridge and crash down, more pleasure than I have ever felt. Our moans combine as we crash back down to earth sprawled together, panting. I take your face in my hands and kiss your forehead tasting your sweat, I run my hands through your damp hair loving every inch of you while I can.

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