Come Taste My Rainbow

old flames...

I recently started talking to an ex of mine again. This morning I was very horny after having watch two seasons of the L Word. I got him on cam and began to talk to him about all the wicked things I used to do to him. As the whole conversation began to get deeper we switched roles as I had him handcuff himself to his bed and listen to me talk about nibbling his ears and biting his neck. Slowly I let him have one had to jack himself off. I talked about how I would rub the head of his dick on my clit and pussy getting it wet but never putting it inside me. I let him beg me to cum. Repeatedly I told him no, while I fingered myself. I talked of slowly riding him, all the while I was getting myself closer and closer to cumming. I talked about the hair pulling rough sex I wanted to have with him, about the way I want to be on all fours while he pounded me from behind and then yanking my body upwards towards him by my hair as I came all over myself. It wasn't until I was actually done cumming that I let him cum. I made him cum on himself and then slowly clean it all off...

There is nothing better than starting off your morning with an old flame and some wild fun on webcam! (That is when distance makes it impossible to have actual sex.)
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Come Taste My Rainbow

Hot for Teacher

You ever had a crush on a teacher? Like one to the point where you just wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck him right there? I have had a lot of lustful crushes on teachers. The high school I went to was pretty relaxed. We called all our teachers by their first names and things like that. And after we graduated, many of us stayed in touch with our teachers. Well I got a message on myspace tonight from one of the teachers I had a crush on. He was one of those really young, ultra muscular types, really cute and sexy. Well apparently this teacher now has the hots for me. Which now that I am 21, there really is no problem with that considering he didn't try anything with me or say anything like this till tonight. But I mean damn. Like it makes me wonder how many of my teacher crushes would like me if we met up now? Kinda wish I was in Alaska right now.
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Hello everyone! I'm new to this community...seemed interesting so I joined. I like to be around folks who could understand my situation. I'm completely crushing over this boy, but I don't know how he feels about me. And I DO daydream about him...usually in a romantic way (us walking down the beach or something). It's crazy because we have talked, we've even had a meal's just that I don't know how he feels and I don't want to confront him for fear that he might run away. But I have to be honest and say that I'm not justt crushing over him..but I'm completely in love with him. It sucks cuz everyone around me doesn't support me in how I feel. But I don't

So! I'm happy to join all of you...and I'll update you all on how it goes with this guy and maybe share some poems!!

Good luck to all of you, as well!!
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She's lean
And typing sweetness at my skin
Her very touch is like unseeing magic sign
It makes me fine
But she's clever
And as I bound at her
She doesn't let me doing more
It makes me sore

It's not a crush

It's lust and a must. I must have her, cause I lust for her companionship. Does she reciprocate? I wish but I think not. She took the number of my cell, but what the hell, no calls no thunder..i still still wonder.
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Sorry people, just thought i would say "Hi" and, well, I always thought i was too old for this "crush" thing but what dya know???

She's great, wonderful, sexy and so.......not mine :(
Mel 08

a brief interlude

and the chord is struck...
and the timbre fine and pleasing...
and the rhythm begins to build
a warm sensation
as though fire
were being made
between the steel
and rosin...

it is a young sound,
and something new has
sprung from resonance.
..piercing and abrupt,
demonstrative eruption;
it is all within our nature,
yet maintains the supernatural..
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Anyone out there???

Well, it seems that no one has posted to this community for awhile... but I thought I'd post something, whether or not anyone out there even reads it, just to get it out *somewhere*... see, I have this intensely lustful crush on my coworker, who as far as I can tell doesn't have the slightest clue about it! So, I wrote this little thing the other night, and this seemed the appropriate forum for it.

It's a little crude (as in unrefined and unfinished), perhaps, but then I never claimed to be much of a writer. *ahem*

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Mel 08



I am slipping farther,
aware of my slow burial
into this paled gown,
of unforgiving cotton..

Deteriorated, frayed..
what remnant of shimmering satin
I feel them snap
as though they were my bones..
an outline for the structure
of my dying self..

Do you miss the time?
How quickly it passed
between the desperate act
of rabid consumption,
and the treasured
The crawling adoration
of the feast..

Nearly painful..
essential nourishment
concentrated hesitant contact
and stifled, pressed for oxygen..
So tightly bound,
I cloaked my nakedness...
My trembling plea,
a broken cry behind
the heavy trappings
of simple fear..

But that love were made in
I could bear the hope
for salvation
in a shared,
higher power..
So temporary is the flesh..
So weak when woven
into life..
I have become worn
and faded by the elements..

If love is made
as silk,
and spun in strands
of tiny fibers,
are my wants
merely a garment..
that I wear upon me,
so that they might catch
the light within your eyes?

If your dreams reflect
upon you,
and I have served as
a distraction..
I would rip myself apart
so that you
could be divine.