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Pornful Thoughts - Pervacious Ponderings

DayDreams of Secret Admirers

Secret Admirers - DayDreamer's Confessional
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Welcome to Pervaciousness!

This community is intended to be an outlet/confessional for random pervy, romantic, or erotic thoughts.

Is there someone you see every day at school/work/church/etc, who you just CAN'T be with or are too shy to approach, yet you're haunted by thoughts which involve their being naked? GOOD! This is the perfect place for you. Let it all out..


I see him/her every day... if only s/he knew what I was thinking... how each minute we spend together, my desire for him/her grows stronger..

(insert detailed fantasy here)

Adult stories are welcome too, but they must have some basis in reality. Stories must be about someone you have a crush on or some fascination for.


-If you are concerned about someone finding your posts, then a secondary LJ user ID is recommended
Contact me at listgoddessmel@aol.com if you are having difficulty finding a code. I can't guarantee one, but I will definitely try to help secure one

-If you don't know where to start
...start thinking about someone you know, let your imagination wander. There are no rules regarding format, etc, in this community. Let whatever comes into your head, come out onto the screen


-The following topics will not be permitted and will be deleted from the community-

-Posts detailing fantasies of violent behaviour/actions which could cause harm or death to a person or animal. This is not a snuff community.

-Posts detailing fantasies of aggressive or violent behavior which could damage someone's property out of vindictiveness. This is not a "secret revenge" community, either.

-Negative, mean-spirited, flamer-type members WILL BE DELETED AND BANNED at the community owner's discretion. People are coming here to bare private thoughts. Please don't act like an ass to them.. that's all we're asking.